Case Study: ASAP Printing

How Our Software Integration Saved Time and Annual Spend

See the results from our ongoing partnership with ASAP Printing.

“Doing business with HyperIQ has made our lives easier through the software they produce. One team member is now able to do what used to take two. This lets us put more time into emails and following up with our customers. Now, we don’t lose any business.”

The Challenge

Having spent high sums on other software teams who produced failing projects, ASAP Printing sought out the professionals at HyperIQ to tackle their software struggles the right way.

Our Approach

Since 2012, we’ve gone from an ongoing partner to the company’s official, dedicated development team.

To move them from a back-end system that required orders to be manually keyed, we created a series of software integrations that automated this process and took the time down from 10 minutes to less than 1 minute per order.

  • Took outdated Flash website and recreated with HTML 5, allowing sites to be viewed on tablets and mobile devices for an improved customer experience
  • Created a more efficient credit card management system that bills securely and directly through the website
  • Executed an internal customer management system (CMS) that allows sales teams to create reports and gain insight into promotional campaigns and trends

As a strategic partner, we maintain ASAP Printing’s software and help with ongoing enhancements and new features.

“I recommend you give HyperIQ an opportunity to help your company. With them, we’re able to move down a path that’s going to guarantee the success of our company and success of our customers.”


Delivered more software while cutting annual spend by half.


We decreased their overall spend on software by just over 50%, yet delivered on all of their major enterprise software projects. The process of creating a software integration that automated the manual keying process saves tens of thousands of dollars per month alone. Long-term, these projects have provided ASAP Printing with a more stable system written in an updated language that is scalable and better suited for building enhancements as needed.